At 2nrich we provide a wide range of services to help restore you to optimal wellness and vitality. These include:

Holistic Healing
2nrich uses health care methods that trigger your own rejuvenation and restorative processes. One areas of focus includes detoxification of environmental toxins, such as heavy metals. This process involves detailed testing to understand your body’s toxic burden, and then developing an appropriate detoxification programme taking into account genetic and lifestyle factors. 2nrich also offers services to treat sleep apnoea and snoring using the quick and highly effective, Nightlase laser treatments. Managing your sleep issues are critical to boosting your energy and overall health by promoting healthy blood oxygen levels, and reducing other stressors.

Cosmetic Laser
The lasers used at 2nrich are extremely versatile, capable of a wide range of cosmetic procedures both orally and externally. Some of these procedures include teeth whitening, scar revision, acne treatment, wart and lesion removal, hair removal, skin resurfacing and vein treatments.

The OxySpa combines Ozone therapy and a Sauna to stimulate detoxification and your own healing processes. Ozone or O3, is an activated form of oxygen that is a highly effective disinfectant, commonly used for cleaning hospital rooms, sanitising swimming pools and disinfecting drinking water instead of chlorine. As Ozone is simply three oxygen molecules, it breaks down into oxygen with no harmful side products.

Exercise with Oxygen Training (EWOT) is a highly effective way to boosting energy and losing weight. Breathing high concentrations of oxygen whilst exercising, whether at a gentle or intense pace, reduces lactic acid build up in the muscles. This means that you can exercise for longer, with minimal muscle ache and tightness allowing you to exercise more frequently thanks to the enhanced recovery time.

Working in partnership with 2nrich, Laser + Holistic Dental combines innovative, science-based holistic dentistry practices to meet all of your oral health needs. Please visit the Laser + Holistic Dental website for more information.