Thank you for the interest in 2nrich:
We are taking a new direction with the business and we would like to introduce Laser + Holistic Aesthetics. We will now be offering leading aesthetic services that use the healing power of light, and combine modern laser technology with biologically based treatments like stem cell therapy.

Laser + Holistic Aesthetics will be operating at the same location – 131 Commercial Rd, South Yarra along with our partner business Laser + Holistic Dental.

2nrich Holistic Wellness & Vitality Centre is a holistic wellness centre located in South Yarra, Victoria.

At 2nrich we take an integrated approach, addressing both your health and environmental concerns to restore you and your family to optimal vitality. Social responsibility is an important part of 2nrich, we believe that it is important to lead by example being involved with a number of environmental and social initiatives.

Laser + Holistic Dental, operating out of the 2nrich Centre combines advanced technology and technical expertise with the most forward-thinking approaches to dentistry.

To learn more about 2nrich, browse through the links to the right. To read more information about or book a visit to our holistic dental clinic, visit Laser + Holistic Dental.

2nrich holistic wellness centre